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Securement Poly Bags

Securement Poly Bags are made from high quality LDPE plastic, usually white on the outside and black on the inside to provide perfect optical opacity and to ensure maximum confidentiality.

The Securement Bags works in a peel and seal adhesive technique which provides tamper resistant security for the contents. These are an inexpensive and perfect way for shipping a variety of items.They are capable of withstanding fraudulent attempts are resistant to high or low tempering efforts. Our poly mailers will allow you to reduce shipping costs while ensuring that your products are protected from the elements. Incredibly strong and tear resistant our poly bags are ideal for shipping various items and documents.

60 Microns Quality

Tear and Moisture Resistant


Extra Strong

Easy to write


Suggested Applications
  • Delivering online shopping orders.
  • Mailing Invoices, Important papers, Cheques
  • Sending Brochures, Samples
  • White opaque security envelopes made from multi-layer film manufactured by a co-extrusion process Milky white in outside layer and black inside to ensure confidentiality of the content
  • Hot melt adhesive seal on top which ensures that once it is sealed, can't be opened without tearing
  • Easy to write on bag. Accepts Permanent Marker, stamps or franking.
  • Weather proof, Tear and Moisture Resistant
Optional Features

POD Jacket

Sequential Barcoding

Screen Printing for Smaller Quantities

Serial numbered for record keeping/tracking

Standard Sizes Ready In Stock
1 4.5" X 10" 1.5 60
2 6" X 6" 1.5 60
3 7" X 10" 2 60
4 8" X 10" 2 60
5 10" X 12" 2 60
6 12" X 16" 2 60
7 14" X 18" 2 60
8 15" X 19" 2 60
9 20" X 24" 2 60
More Details:

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