All about Tamper Proof Courier Bags- Why Courier Bags are so popular and useful in Ecommerce ?

All about Tamper Proof Courier Bags- Why Courier Bags are so popular and useful in Ecommerce ?

All about Tamper Proof Courier Bags- Why Courier Bags are so popular and useful in Ecommerce ?

Think Ecommerce Packaging- Think Courier Bags. Courier bags are a great asset for businesses looking to streamline warehousing and shipping operations. It makes packing items one easy breezy task. The self-adhesive or heat seal makes it possible to seal the bag within seconds and pod jacket eliminates the need to glue paperwork on the parcel. Besides being convenient, courier bags pose as an economical option while manufacturing customized design in bulk. It is a great tool for printing promotional and advertisement material right on the packaging itself, for increased brand visibility

Functions of tamper proof courier bags:-

1)      Hot melt adhesive strip on the top (flap) which ensures that parcels once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the bag.

2)      Tamper proof courier bags are made of co-ex film which is resistant to oil, water and rough handling and is 100% recyclable.

3)      Transparent POD jacket which is also known as document pouch on the back side of the bag for insertion of waybills or consignee address etc.


Features of courier bags:-

-          Standard thickness of 60 Microns. It can be customized subject to volume.

-          Greyish white glossy finishing outside and opaque black inside.

-          Simple peel and seal closing mechanism for easy & fast usage.

-          Temper proof- once seal can’t be opened without tearing the bag.

-          Available in multiple standard sizes for selection.


Optional Features of courier bags:-

-          Double serrated side seal to prevent cutting and resealing from sides.

-          Alphanumeric bar code and serial number for record keeping.

-          Perforations tear off receipt with serial numbering.

-           Bottom gusset for easy insertion of the product.

-          Lip sealing bag closure instead of flap closure.

-          Void marking tape closure for extra security requirements.

-          Customize printing for branding and marketing (Refer data sheet of printed courier bags)



Advantages of plastic courier bags:-

-          The most recommended product for safe transmission of shipments.

-          It is light weight and hence saves courier charges as compared to boxes.

-          Reduces manual efforts of wrapping tapes hence speeds up the packaging process.

-          Conveys strong corporate image when used as compared to traditional covers.

-          Branded packaging is the most effective and cost friendly tool of marketing.

-          Economic as compared to other tools of packaging such as boxes, cloth covers etc.


Application of courier bags:-

-          Ecommerce shipments

-          Packing & shipping online orders.

-          Sending cheques and confidential documents.

-          Sending brochures & samples by courier.

-          Examination envelopes.


How to Use Courier Bags?

A quick & simple self explanatory guidelines about how to use courier bags are as under.

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