Common Packaging for an e-Commerce startup

Common Packaging for an e-Commerce startup

What is the common packaging material you need for an e-commerce startup or as an ecommerce online seller?

Regardless of the industry you belong to, good quality packaging materials and solutions are the need of the day since it has direct relation to your brand building as well as an important value added factor for customer satisfaction. When it comes to ecommerce, it gets more importance since safety and well being of product depends on ecommerce packaging only. Moreover it is the only physical way to communicate with your client.

Here are some common packaging materials that all e-commerce startup businesses need. There are endless options when it comes to choose packaging supplies in eCommerce. There has been an upsurge in the demand for good quality, reasonably priced packaging bags and envelopes so that eCommerce businesses can create an impact on the buyers.

1 ) Courier Bags

Tamper Proof Plastic courier bags are recent trending and modern generation packaging material highly useful for E-commerce. Tamper proof courier bags are not possible to open easily after sealing. You need to tear it off to open the parcel. Hence it is best way to maintain confidentiality of products and documents inside. This is highly used packaging material for ecommerce and it prevents theft.

2) Bubble Lined Courier Bags:

These help store, handle and transit your semi-fragile items like electronics easily. Products will have support of bubble layer from outside damage. These are specially designed to keep your valuables safe and secure from outside load and pressure.

3) Marketplace Courier Bags

If you have started selling on marketplaces such as amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, limeroad, voonik etc then you need to or recommended to ship the products using standard branded courier bags with pre specified sizes and printing. These packing material needs to be adopted because it creates good impression and satisfaction for the marketplace buyer. Also sometime it is mandatory to use as per marketplace guidelines.

4) Corrugated Boxes

For handling fragile and delicate items or products of different shapes and sizes. These are least preferred by online sellers since it adds weight to the product weight and hence makes you charge higher for entire shipment. But for many products, this is the only and best option.

5) Adhesive Tapes

It is additional layer of packaging in addition to your primary packaging such as box or courier bags. There are many varieties of sticky tapes available in the market. However, BOPP tapes are the popular ones because of their exclusive features and durability. You have a choice of clear tapes, brown tapes or custom designed and printed BOPP tapes too.

6) Bubble Wrap & Void Fillers

These are required as additional protective packaging options with which product can be protected against damage in transit. Bubble wrap can be used for many products for giving extra layer against breakage protection. At the same time when your box is bigger than your product then you can use fillers such as air cushion etc for giving breakage protection etc. Instead of bubble wrap, many people uses bubble pouches as well which reduces manual efforts. This is known as air bubble envelopes as well .

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