Ecommerce Packaging : Understanding The effect of Plastic Ban 2022 INDIA & Available Alternatives

Ecommerce Packaging : Understanding The effect of Plastic Ban 2022 INDIA & Available Alternatives

As we are aware that Single Use Plastic (SUP) rules are going to be implemented from 1st July 2022 and there have been some confusion and uncertainty with respect to what can be used and what cannot be used, we have tried to explain what our opinion on this matter in this blog is. We have prepared this blog to cover the ecommerce packaging inclusions and exclusions and alternate available packaging.

Definition of Single Use Plastic (SUP) 

“Single-use plastic commodity” means a plastic item intended to be used once for the same purpose before being disposed of or recycled;

What are the Eco friendly Packaging options available for Ecommerce Sellers? 

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Poly Courier Bags – Carry Bags and SUP 

Can courier bags be classified as single use plastic ?

Well the answer is not crystal clear yet but we have something to judge from the rules specified. The word courier bag is not used in the rules specified but majority of rules are specified for carry bags.  Let’s first understand what does the carry bag means.

Is Carry bag and Courier bag same as per the Plastic Waste Management Rules 2021 ?

“Carry bags” mean bags made from plastic material or compostable plastic material, used for the purpose of carrying or dispensing commodities which have a self carrying feature but do not include bags that constitute or form an integral part of the packaging in which goods are sealed prior to use.

Well it totally depends on interpretation of rule and there are 2 schools of thoughts.

Carry bag and courier bag is not same because, 

1)  Carry bag has handle and courier bag does not have handle.

2)  Carry bag is not sealed and courier bag is sealed.

3)  Before ecommerce goods are used by the end customer, it is sealed in courier bags and hence it is integral part of packaging prior to use of the product and hence it is excluded from the scope of this rule and above 50 microns courier bags should be fine for compliance. 

4) Plastic waste management rules 2016, As amended on 27th March, 2018 – Rule No. 4 Sub rule 1 (d) stats,

“Plastic sheet or like, which is not an integral part of multi-layered packaging and cover made of plastic sheet used for packaging, wrapping the commodity shall not be less than fifty microns in thickness except where the thickness of such plastic sheets impair the functionality of the product;”

Carry bag and courier bag is same because 

  1)   Both are used to carry the goods and transporting as well.

  2)   In 2021 amended rules, the word “plastic packaging” is added along with the word carry bags.

So Courier Bags can’t be used anymore if we treat that courier bag and carry bag is same ? 

That is myth, courier bags above 75 microns are still valid and can be used till 1st Dec 2022. After 1st Dec 2022, courier bag needs to be above 120 microns.

Present Practice by Major Marketplace 

 1)   Marketplace like Meesho, Firstcry and many other companies have moved towards 75 Microns Packaging since last few months already .

 2)   Flipkart , Myntra and Amazon have already enrolled into Paper Packaging in their FC processing.

 3)   Seller fulfillment packaging is still remains without any clarity as none of the major marketplace have intimated or have made compulsion that seller should use 75 microns only for their packaging.

What should you do ? 

 1)   Sellers can use paper courier bags or corrugated boxes depending upon the product type.

 2)   Sellers can use poly courier bags above 75 microns with proper details printed.

 3)   If none of the above suits for product type or packaging cost, we need to wait for more detailed guidelines from Government and Marketplace.

 4)   If you have stock of existing packaging material (courier bags) below 75 microns and if any authority visits you , you need to provide justification as we mentioned above as to why courier bag and carry bag is not the same.

Myth buster quotes 

 1)   Plastic packaging is banned – No only selected and specified single use plastic is banned.

 2)   Carry bags are banned - No carry bags should be above 75 microns and allowed.

 3)   Plastic should be banned – Plastic usage and waste should be regulated. Banning is not an option. Increasing microns will help in better recycling and better management. 

Future Fate 

Sooner or later, industry by industry detailed guidelines will be there and ecommerce will not be exception. Along with the word carry bags – plastic packaging is already added but not defined as specified in the 2021 rules. However the draft rules for 2022 are published which defines it as under.

Plastic Packaging means packaging material made by using plastics for protecting, preserving, storing and transporting of products in a variety of ways. 

Once these draft rules are published then the existing justification will be revoked and courier bags can be easily covered under the scope of rules . Let’s hope for the hassle free implementation for the betterment of the environment and sustainability.


Please note that this is not legal advice or legal rules interpretation but this is just an opinion of our understanding. Personal views and thoughts are published just for the sake of information. We support Government Initiative and insist people to comply with the same.

Please let us know your opinion in the feedback section.

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