Gold Loan envelopes are special envelopes made from high micron LDPE plastic.

Specially designed gold loan envelopes by Securement Packaging offers maximum level of security and for that particular reason they are maximum used by the Banking industry and financial enterprises that give gold loans.

Historically, banks kept gold in cloth bags and then wax sealed it to keep gold in their gold storage lockers. All paper work and documents were long manual and hectic process, resulting to high inefficiencies which then resulted in tampering, misplacement, and loss.

Now, with specially design gold loan envelopes by Securement, cloth bags have become obsolete in leading banks and financial gold loan enterprises. Gold Loan envelopes are the modern replacement for the storage of valuable precious metals like gold and precious ornaments.

What are Gold Loan envelopes?

Gold Loan envelopes are every bit superior in terms of ensuring that your precious valuable ornaments such as gold are completely secure.

Here are some listed features of these gold loan envelopes:

Highly secure & strong:

High-quality 75 microns LDPE material makes them strong and durable enough to hold the weight of gold.

Gumming Strip:

The envelopes are easy to use as they come pre-glued with industrial strength adhesive, thus providing convenience and saving costs.

Permanent Closure:

The main opening of the packaging comes with a closure that contains a layer of “hot melt” adhesive. Once sealed, the package can only be cut open.

Side seal / Tamper-Evident Sides:

The three sides of the packaging are printed with the message “Do Not Open” making it tamper-evident and hence less prone to tampering.

Consumer Information:

All necessary borrower-related details such as Name, Account No, Weight of Contents, Internal Audits etc., are writable on one side of the gold loan envelope for easy, fast, and convenient referencing or cross checking. pens and marker pens are used for a smudge-proof writing on the envelopes.

Sequential Unique Serial Number:

Each gold loan envelope comes with a unique serial number. The barcode or number can be used to easily track complete information about the contents of a particular pouch and its owner. This allows for hassle-free data keeping and eliminates confusion.

Tear-Off Receipt:

Each gold loan envelope has a tear-off receipt containing complete details about the contents of the pouch. This is provided to the customer, whereas a scanned copy of the same is retained by the bank for reference purposes.


Gold Loan Envelopes – Usage Types

Gold Envelopes come in two types:

  • One Time Use Envelopes:

These are single-use Gold Envelopes that come with a single opening. Once valuable contents are placed inside, the pouch is permanently sealed and can only be cut open. These envelopes cannot be reused after an internal audit.

  • Multiple Time Use Envelopes:

These Gold Loan Envelopes can come with 1 / 2 additional perforated openings. In the case of an internal audit, the additional opening is used to access the contents inside. Once approved, a release tape is used to permanently seal the opening and the same pouch is reused after the audit. Once an additional opening is used, a VOID marking is displayed as evidence of tampering.

 Most financial institutes and banks have now adopted Gold loan envelopes to maximize security and safety of the precious gold valuables as they are practically impossible to tamper with. We, Securement Packaging offer high-quality packaging products at unbeatable prices. To know more about Gold loan Envelopes or any other packaging material,  write to us on or call our representative on 09429567700.

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