Which company supplies all corrugated boxes and packing materials to Amazon India?

Which company supplies all corrugated boxes and packing materials to Amazon India?

Well, there are multi vendors policy by ecommerce giants since any 1 or 2 supplier can’t supply entire requirements.

Most of the arrangements are done based on geographical location of amazon and supplier's location.

For Example- Suppliers located in Ahmedabad will deliver material to Amazon warehouse in West India.

Amazon purchases packaging material and consumes the same for all orders that are packed from amazon warehouses.

Sellers are supposed to give products in primary packaging with adequate labeling as required.

Once the order is received, amazon picks the product, packs the same and dispatches it to the customer.

Amazon charges pick and pack fees to the seller.

Also packaging material for ecommerce has so many variants. Some of the main packaging material used by ecommerce in India.

1.   Courier Bags

2.   Corrugated Boxes

3.   Cello Tapes/Adhesive Tapes

4.   Packing List Envelopes

5.   Air Fillers/ Air Cushion

6.   Shipping Labels etc

Out of the above products, the most common and highly used products are Courier Bags and Corrugated Boxes.

Most of the non fragile items are shipped after packing in courier bags only which are less in weight and tamper proof.

There are many reputed names in the Industry and some of them are big manufacturers.

Also if you are online sellers and looking for Ecommerce Packaging then the same suppliers can’t supply the same material to you for below reasons.

1.   Size and specifications may be different.

2.   Packaging design may be different.

3.   Big manufacturers are not interested in retail requirements and some of them are not even permitted to sell.

For these reasons, the best practice will be to go for Small Manufacturer or Big Wholesaler. Pricing are equally same and lesser many times and also they arrange instant dispatch and delivery speed as per your urgency.

One such manufacturer and the most reliable company for courier bags and tapes and packing list envelopes with the 8 years experience is Securement Packaging. We, at Securement Packaging are most committed towards customer satisfaction and quality product delivery with instant dispatch for more than 15 sizes to choose from. Do note that Securement Packaging is an amazon approved supplier of amazon easyship packaging material. 

If you have retail requirements, order as low as 100 pcs on https:/

If you have a bulk requirement , you can contact us on info@securement.inor 079–26462506 for the best pricing for your requirement.

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